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Hi, my name is Lela (pronounced: Lay-Lah) born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I grew up watching my mom put her lipstick on in the mirror, with one swipe of rouge, I saw this woman change before my eyes. A quiet, often held back, woman bloomed into a confident, memorable presence. This was so inspirational and really changed my outlook on beauty and what it really meant to be beautiful.

I’ve loved make-up from a very young age and had a wonderful mom who encouraged me to be myself and march to the beat of my own drum. Starting with lipgloss, working my way up to a collection of low-end to high-end make up. From A-Z, I’ve tried it all.

When I was 14 I began to break out in cystic acne, not understanding what hormones and puberty were, I blamed it all on my cleanliness. I started to scrub my face raw, doing everything I thought was correct; clean = acne free, right? Not at all.

This is when I started to gravitate to beauty blogs. With a quick online search, all my questions finally had the answers I was looking for.

I began playing with DIY masks, oils, and at home treatments and started seeing results. I strayed away from harsh chemicals and began going as natural as possible. Mostly because I couldn’t afford luxury brands and only had what was in my moms pantry. This is where I came up with queen on a dime, that and my hatred for long, complicated beauty routines. Get ready on a dime.

Simple. Chic. Beauty.

I have always and will always preach acceptance, equality and self love. I only choose to surround myself with like minded people. This is a completely open platform so feel free to share all your thoughts with me. I’ll be testing things out, reviewing products, writing about traveling, fashion, food; you name it!

Let’s be friends!


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Lela | Vancouver, BC | 23 | Beauty enthusiast on a budget.

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