Skin Salvation – The Ordinary

Skin Salvation – The Ordinary

Skin Salvation – The Ordinary

Welcome back to Skin Salvation, a series dedicated to amazing brands and products that have transformed my skin. It’s been a while and this has been the one review I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time! Have you heard of The Ordinary? This was just about the only brand I heard about for months. It seemed like everyone was using it but obtaining it was proving to be difficult. It was sold out just about everywhere I looked.

One day I went onto Deciem and to my surprise, everything I wanted was available! I know Sephora also carries a good selection of The Ordinary products, although they’re CONSTANTLY sold out. They’re a hot commodity, what can I say?

A few things you should know about The Ordinary

The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare. The brand was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. Its offering is pioneering, not in the familiar technologies it uses, but in its honesty and integrity. The Ordinary is born to disallow commodity to be disguised as ingenuity. The Ordinary is “Clinical formulations with integrity”. 

Their products are paraben, sulphate and mineral oil free (to name a few.) They never test on animals and all formulas are vegan! Huge bonus in my books. It is simple, scientific skincare without all the harsh, filler chemicals you might find in other brands. The kick? All of their products are EXTREMELY affordable. I mean like under $10 affordable.


Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%.

Vitamin C Suspension is CAD 6.80 and you receive 30ml.

This is my ABSOLUTE favourite product. I used to use Vitamin C serum until I realized that 60 dollars for a small bottle of serum with 15-20% Vitamin C, filled with fillers and perfumes was just not worth it.

Vitamin C is an anti-aging power house! It hydrates, evens out skin tone, significantly improves hydration, shields skin from pollution and boosts collagen. What is there not to like?

The directions state: Apply a small amount to face in the AM or the PM (PM preferred). A tingling sensation can be expected after application.

I use this on regular nights when I’m not doing any peels. A small amount goes a very long way. I put it on before my moisturizer and the results are amazing! I wake up with glowing, even skin EVERY morning.

Another way I like to use it is as a quick pick me up. If I feel like my scars are looking deeper and darker than usual, I’ll apply a layer (more than usual) and target those spots specifically! I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and my scars, hyper pigmentation and inflammation look visibly better.


Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Natural Moisturizing Factors is CAD 5.80 and you receive 30ml.

An issue that I have with my sensitive/acne prone skin is that I can never find a good moisturizer. When I finally decide to purchase a new moisturizer, it either breaks me our or doesn’t hydrate my skin. It’s always a compromise.

This is the best base I’ve ever found for my foundation, there I said it. It sits BEAUTIFULLY on the skin while still penetrating enough that I feel comfortable and hydrated all day long.

I use it as my last step both morning and night and it leaves me plump, smooth and ready! I bought a 30ml tube to test it out but I’ll be repurchasing a few of the 100ml versions for only CAD 7.70 each!


Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Niacinamide is CAD 5.90 and you receive 30ml.

It tightens, firms and lifts your skin for a more youthful appearance. Niacinamide is well known for it’s anti-aging properties. It is also known to treat acne and rosacea.

Zinc also plays a huge part in this product. It helps with skin inflammation, improves wound healing, prevents infection, treats acne and treats pigmentary disorders.

This is the perfect serum/first step for anyone with acne prone skin. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant as my skin purged like crazy right after using this. As I continued to use this and pushed through the purging, my skin became visibly more clear. My cystic acne went down, my texture was much smoother and I swear my pores shrank before my eyes.

I use this both morning and night as my very first step after cleansing.


Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

Caffeine Solution is CAD 6.70 and you receive 30ml.

Have you ever put green tea bags under your eyes? That’s always been my favourite DIY eye mask to reduce puffiness and dark bags under my eyes. This is basically the same idea.

Sometimes eye bags are from lack of sleep and overworking yourself. They can also just be hereditary! Either way, caffeine plays a HUGE roll in reducing pigmentation and puffiness.

This lightweight formula contains an extremely high five percent concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified epigallocatechin gallatyl glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves. 

So far I have been LOVING this product. I use it morning and night. I’ve never had a huge problem with dark circles or bags. What I have struggled with is my eye area being sensitive, super dry and always irritated. Now that I’ve been using this Caffeine Solution my under eye area is smooth and bright. My concealer goes on so much easier and I look awake!


Retinol 0.2% in Squalane

Retinol 0.2% is CAD 5.30 and you receive 30ml.

Looking to reduce the appearances of fine lines, photo damage and aging? You need to add a retinol to your regime. I used to use Retin-A years ago for my acne. It dried out my skin terribly and although I used it for over a year, my skin never got used to it. It caused irritation and constant breakouts.

I was a little hesitant to work with Retinol again but thought I should revisit it, especially in a lower percentage. 0.2% is amazing place to start for beginners.

I use this on nights where I’m using no other active ingredients, so just about every other night. I wash my face, wait about 20 minutes so there is no more moisture on my skin, then I apply a small layer all over my skin and finish of with moisturizer. So far, I haven’t had any new break outs or major issues. Although there haven’t been any significant changes, I’m really happy with how my skin is reacting to this retinol. I know that in time I will be able to see an improvement in my skin and move up to a higher strength formula.


Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

Salicylic Acid is CAD 5.30 and you receive 30ml.

I love to use salicylic acid to quickly zap my pimples away. When I was in high school I would constantly make masks out of mashed strawberries as they were full of salicylic acid and honestly worked better than anything else I used.

As my skin worked up a higher tolerance to it, I didn’t see it working. I was heart broken. I overused it and overdid it. My acne came back with a vengeance.

Now that I haven’t used it for years, my skin absolutely loves it.

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. This 2% treatment solution helps exfoliate the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes and for better visible skin clarity with continued use, 

I apply it usually in the morning as I don’t use any other active ingredients. I spot treat and apply moisturizer and sunscreen (very important) afterwards. It sits well under makeup and hasn’t caused any dryness or irritation. It’s a wonderful alternative to heavy acne medications and truly reduces the size and appearance of pimples and pores.

All in all, I really think you have nothing to lose if you’re thinking of purchasing from The Ordinary. It’s SO affordable and did I mention they have a 365 day return policy? Their team is amazing! When I purchased my products I was really lost. I reached out to their team and a regime was put together for me!

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? What are you favourite products or something you’re dying to try?



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