Cheap Thrills – Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Cheap Thrills – Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Cheap Thrills – Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Welcome back to Cheap Thrills! You all knew this was coming, right? You’re all probably sick of hearing about Mario Badescu, I know I was. I hadn’t ever tried anything from Mario Badescu and I was already sick and tired of it.

Hear me out, there is a pretty good reason that everyone is obsessed with this brand and in particular their facial sprays. They’re affordable and they are absolutely amazing!

I think when most of us hear “affordable beauty” we think of drugstore products. They don’t always have to be from the drugstore. A lot of higher end brands offer some great affordable products.

This Facial spray in particular is brand spanking new!

Mario Badescu Facial spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender.

It’s a super long name for a really simple product. It’s also very self explanatory “Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender.” All amazing for your skin!

Aloe skin benefits:

Contains two hormones: “Auxin and Gibberellins.” These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.

Chamomile skin benefits:

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties. It is also hypoallergenic and soothes skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.

Lavender skin benefits:

Antimicrobial properties and antioxidant. It soothes and nourishes your skin which helps treat acne, heal skin, and reduce the appearance of scars.

For times your skin is craving calm and comfort, Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender is the mist to reach for. Chamomile, vitamin C, and Lavender essential water combine in a soothing blend that leaves your complexion balanced and bright.

Mario Badescu is Cruelty free and has very simple ingredients. The first ingredient is Water instead of Alcohol, which is the case for many toners and astringents.

View this helpful list on Chemical Skin Irritants and try to avoid any or all of these, if you can!

This facial spray comes in two convenient sizes. A nice 4oz for your purse. Great for traveling or on the go, it retails for USD 7. The one pictured is the full 8oz for USD 12.

My Canadian girls can find this brand at Urban Outfitters, although they don’t carry this new formula quite yet.

The smell of lavender calms me down instantly. I’ve always had anxiety issues and this is the only scent that helps me feel relaxed. It has also helped me boost my skin game to another level.

Remember that lavender oil makes your skin sensitive to UV rays and should only be used at night.

I recently had a bad infection and fever. When I’m sick, my skin breaks out TERRIBLY. I started breaking out in cystic acne around my nose and chin area. This spray instantly soothed my angry skin and sped up the healing process.

This formula is one of three in their collection of facial sprays. They also have Aloe, Herb and Rosewater and Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. At 7 dollars for a mini size, I urge you all to try them out and find one that you like!

What’s your favourite facial spray?



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