Cheap Thrills – Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Mellow Wine

Cheap Thrills – Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Mellow Wine

Cheap Thrills – Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Mellow Wine

I have not had a lot of luck with drugstore blush. This is why I always find myself throwing $40 away for higher end blushes. They’re usually great but the price is pretty ridiculous, especially for a thrifty girl like myself.

I want to welcome you to my new series “Cheap Thrills.”

I’ll keep these posts really short and sweet, only talking about drugstore products that I’m loving.

With a price tag of USD 2.99, not only is Wet n Wild Coloricon blush my favourite blush but I don’t feel guilty about purchasing it. I don’t need to have a conversation with my financial planner prior to purchasing it, I don’t need to pick up extra shifts at my local McDonalds and most importantly I don’t have to feel guilty when I have no money at the end of the month. “Sorry babe, I have no money for the bills, had to buy blush this month.”

You get 0.20oz of product. Wet n Wild is cruelty free and the colour pay off is INSANE. The ingredients are almost identical to any high end brands. I compare the feel and pigmentation of this product to MAC’s powder blush which retails for CAD 27. Wet n Wild blush in Mellow Wine really reminds me of MAC’s Melba, if you’re a fan.

You’re blushing! This silky-smooth powder strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and a radiant pop of maximum color. Lightweight, long-lasting, and certain to impress.

Look at this colour pay off 😍

This is one dip and swift stroke in the blush. It’s so pigmented and blends beautifully into the skin. I’ve always had issues with drugstore blushes either not having ANY pigment and not showing up on my skin or being patchy and not blending in nicely.

This blush doesn’t lack in either department, it goes on wonderfully, looks beautiful and stays put all day! I love colours like this because they look so natural and can be worn with any type of look!

Purchasing Wet n Wild can be a little tricky for us Canadian girls. If you’re in the states you can just run on over to Target, Walgreens or Walmart and find a wonderful collection of Wet n Wild products. You can also purchase this blush online at all the above mentioned stores. If any of my Vancouver girls are heading down to Seattle soon, you know the drill!

Which affordable makeup items have you been loving?

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