Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer vs. OG POREfessional Primer

Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer vs. OG POREfessional Primer

Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer vs. OG POREfessional Primer

I have come to realize that I will always have an issue with my pores. I used to have cystic acne and still have break outs here and there, leaving me with enlarged pores and scarring.

This makes it tough to find a good primer. I try to stray away from mattifying primers as they dehydrate my skin and make me more oily. A good primer is key and I’m always searching for the next best thing.

I use the original POREfessional Primer just about every single day. It gives me a baby smooth canvas and sinks into my pores seamlessly.

When I saw the new POREfessional Pearl Primer I was super intrigued! I’ve never had any luck with radiant boosting primers. My skin, as mentioned before, is SUPER oily and textured. It tends to look dull but I don’t want to emphasize my scarring, acne or pores and leave my skin looking drenched or “glowing”. I just don’t know if the compromise is worth it.

The POREfessional Pearl Primer is a little different though. It is the same formula as the original POREfessional with a nice brightening pearly tint! This primer promises to leave you matte, poreless and radiant!

The power of The POREfessional… PLUS brightening! This soft-radiance face primer instantly minimizes the look of pores, locks on makeup and helps skin look bright, boosted and awake. It’s the same oil-free, lightweight, silky smooth texture as the original The POREfessional: Pore Primer PLUS a hint of soft pearly pink. Pores and dullness don’t stand a chance!


Top: OG POREfessional Primer | Bottom: POREfessional Pearl Primer

The original POREfessional primer has a translucent finish and blends into skin very seamlessly. It minimizes the look of pores, leaving you looking baby smooth and shine-free all day long.

The prices vary as this primer comes in 3 convenient sizes. Featured in this post is the full size at 0.75oz for CAD 42. It also comes in a jumbo 1.5oz for CAD 64 and a mini 0.25oz for CAD 16.

The POREfessional Pearl Primer has the exact same feel and consistency. The only difference is the pearly pink tint in the formula which promises to leave you looking pore-free and radiant! Featured in this post is the mini size at 0.25oz for CAD 16 although they also have the regular 0.75 for CAD 42.

Top: OG POREfessional Primer | Bottom: POREfessional Pearl Primer

Once they are both worked into the skin you can see the difference in the colour. The original POREfessional primer blended in beautifully, you can hardly tell it’s there! You can definitely tell that the POREfessional Pearl primer needed some more blending to melt into the skin.

How do they look under a full face of makeup?

I decided to try these primers on an especially bad skin week. I was curious to see how well they went on, how long they stayed on and if they kept my makeup from caking up or clinging on to dry spots.

The POREfessional Pearl Primer went on beautifully. It glided over my skin and into my pesky pores leaving me blurred and ready for foundation. Looking at my photo with only primer on you can see that I didn’t lose too much of my natural radiance although I don’t think I look particularly glowing.

My POREfessional primer never fails me. When my skin is looking dingy and iritated, it smooths it out and leaves me looking poreless. You can see in my primer only photo that it even brings my redness down! Bonus!

I don’t look particularly shine-free in my full face photo but keep in mind that I am ridiculously oily and it would be much worse if I had nothing on my skin at all.


So what do you guys think? Can you see any difference between the two? I honestly can’t and I was kind of bummed out. I had high hopes and saw that the reviews were GLOWING on this new primer. Once you apply foundation over the primer the glow, if any, is so muted that you may as well not be wearing anything.

Although both are great primers that leave you with a flawless canvas I just can’t justify owning both. If you’re thinking of purchasing the Pearl Primer but already have the original, I would wait. Wait until you need to repurchase the OG POREfessional primer and give the Pearl Primer a try instead. There’s no rush at all!

  • I was wondering if this was as good as the original or not! You might really like the Too Faced Primed and Peachy Primer and fills in pores like a dream! It’s life changing for me!
    Great post girl! Xo Lauren

    • QUEENONADIME says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Lauren ❤️

      I’m just reading some really promising reviews on it now – seems like just my type… and it smells like peaches? Bonus! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Teniqua says:

    wow. I’ve never heard of this brand. made your skin look beautifully made. great post!! 😁


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