Skin Salvation – The System

Skin Salvation – The System

Skin Salvation – The System

I was so sceptical about the system before I bought it. I felt like every post I clicked into was sponsored. Not only that but the main place I saw conversations about this system was in the comment section on Youtube. A lot of companies take advantage of vulnerable people with acne. A simple Google of the word “Acne” yields countless spam adverts. I’m not the only one who pulls up acne skincare or treatment videos on Youtube & I’m sure many of us have noticed the same.

I couldn’t differentiate the spam from real people talking from experience – which is where I should plug in that I am absolutely not sponsored for this post, my views are ENTIRELY my own. It wasn’t until I saw Alyssa Forever’s “How to Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scars” video that I was sold.

I sat on this for months wondering if I needed it. I constantly read about it online and all the positive reviews were really making this product call my name. I took the leap and finally bought it when my cystic acne was at its worst.

On the website it says that it takes about 3-4 months to be completely clear but it could be faster or slower depending on the person. I knew this was going to be a journey and not an overnight miracle so I buckled in and got ready for the ride.

I found so many different pros and cons with each product so I’ll go through them all with you. I also wont go into the usage and dosage for each product as it changes over time, you can find all that information here!

Small disclaimer: 

I have changed a couple of products in my own regimen after close to 2 years using the system. I don’t recommend this when you’re first getting started. Stick with the products in the kit to reduce the usage of chemicals, fragrances, parabens, alcohols and other irritants in your skincare products. You’ll be clear in no time.

1. Cleanse

I highly recommend this cleanser when you’re first getting started. It’s a really nice gentle cleanser that wont irritate your skin. As I started clearing up though (it took me about 7 months) I needed something for my scarring and hyper pigmentation so I changed cleansers.

Anyways, you’re only supposed to wash your face for 10 seconds, which sounds crazy but it reduces irritation. The most important step that I found though, letting my skin dry after washing. I found that applying the benzoyl peroxide right after washing my face seriously DRIED it out. Wait about 10 minutes and then go ahead with the treatment.

(Sorry! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the cleanser. I have since run out and have yet to resupply)

2. Treat

Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%

Straight from the website: 

Using 2.5% strength benzoyl peroxide allows for maximum effectiveness without the excessive dryness and irritation of higher strength solutions.

This is the game changer right here. Who knew that all this time all I needed was a topical treatment?

I’m not gonna lie, when you first start this regimen, your skin will be DRY. Super dry. It also might get worse before it gets better. My skin was noticeably better after a few uses, then weeks went by and my skin FREAKED out. It broke out in cystic acne worse than it ever had. It was purging. I remember feeling defeated and like nothing would work. I just read more testimonials and noticed that that was really common. I held on and stayed strong.

It was really tough. It’s tough to stay committed and say goodbye to your other skincare products. I had to wake up earlier every morning to do this routine, I made sure to be home in time in the evening to get it done in time. On the bright side, it helped me make sure I was taking the necessary steps to take care of my skin and it paid off.

I used this benzoyl peroxide all over my face, avoiding my eyes and mouth area. Now I only use it on any spots with active acne.

3. Moisturize


This is the most basic moisturizer on the market. BASIC BASIC BASIC. It’s super light, fragrance free and dye free while still being moisturizing.

Your skin craves basic skin care. Too many irritants and it starts to freak out. It needs normalcy and  balance. That’s exactly what this moisturizer gave me.

After 7 months on this regimen, I went back to my regular Sukin day and night cream. I could be perfectly happy with this moisturizer but I love rich creams that hydrate my parched skin instantly.


AHA – 10%

This glycolic acid is amazing! I still use it religiously, once at night every 2 days. It takes a while before you can use it. I remember my skin was so dry and irritated when I first started using the regimen. I noticed so many dry patches and was craving a good exfoliation. I waited a month before I used this AHA and my skin burned; it felt like nothing I had experienced before. I waited a little bit longer and then slowly started to add this into my regimen.

When I started incorporating this into my regimen, I would mix the AHA with moisturizer to dilute it. All you need is a pea size amount. Now, I either slather it on after treating my skin and call it a night or I use it as a spot treatment.

My dry patches are gone, my skin is glowing and I look brand new! It reduces the appearance of acne scars and helps keep new pimples from forming.

Organic Jojoba Oil

This is low-key (maybe a little high-key,) my favourite product in this regimen. It saved me. It saved me from shrivelling up and shedding my skin like a snake.

I use this to completely take off my makeup with a cotton pad. I then go ahead with the cleansing, treatment and moisturizer. When everything is on my skin, I apply 4 or 5 drops of jojoba oil into the palm of my hands, warm up the product and really pack it into my skin.

It’s insane because my skin will look shiny, almost drenched, but after an hour my skin has absorbed almost all of the oil.

Final Thoughts and Results

Left: May 2016 | Right: January 2018

I think this is an amazing regimen. My skin is so much better – Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself when I look in the mirror.

I still have a lot of scarring, hyper pigmentation and even some broken blood vessels, all of which you can see in my after photo. Every month during that super fun time, I break out in hormonal acne. I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I haven’t had at least one pimple on my face… and I’m okay with that.

My skin is not perfect and I don’t think it will ever be. didn’t give me amazing skin but it got me started and gave me a beautiful canvas to work with. Do I want to be using benzoyl peroxide on my skin forever? No, I think it’s been long enough and my skin has been good enough that I would like to venture out and try new things. I don’t know what will work but I do know if I ever need a shoulder to cry on, my OG regimen will always be there for me.

Do I think you should try it out? Absolutely I do. I was upset that I didn’t purchase it sooner!

Let me know if you’ve tried it or heard of it – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Lela | Vancouver, BC | 23 | Beauty enthusiast on a budget.

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