Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Need a last minute Christmas sweater? I got you.

What’s Christmas without an ugly sweater? I’m here to help you find the ugliest sweater out there.

We recently had our office Christmas party and I was pretty scrambled for time trying to find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. We were given a month notice but the procrastinator in me waited until a week before to purchase mine.

I’m lazy; I feel like we’ve spoken about this plenty of times in the past. So lazy that sometimes I dread the holidays. I love the thought of laying in bed, watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa. I hate baking, shopping in insanely large crowds and making anything with my hands. This is why Amazon and I have become such good friends over the years.

I’m getting a little off track so why don’t we just jump right in.

Today we’ll look at a couple of different options

Hand made/crafted, bought/decorate and completely store bought Christmas sweaters.

Let’s start with Brianna’s. She bought a plain sweater and did all of this by herself. (Yes those are her cats in the middle.) It took her about 6 hours, she spent $10 on the decorations at the dollar store and another $10 on a plain red turtle neck sweater.

Here’s Permil’s sweater. She bought a Christmas sweater at Ardene’s and added decorations to jazz it up. It took her about 2 hours and she spent $40 on the sweater and decorations.

This is Yvonne’s “ugly” Christmas sweater. I don’t think ugly is the right word for it. Hers is super cute and Christmasy, she can wear it wherever, whenever. She bought it at Forever 21 and spent $23.73.

Here’s mine! So you know your girl loves Target. You know what else she loves? Sales! Christmas sweaters are 25% off at Target so I spent $29. Yes this is Men’s, but can you tell? Probably not. I usually wear a Medium so I bought a Men’s small and it fit perfectly!

We actually had a contest with 21 people in our office and you know who won? The two girls who put effort into their sweaters. Yeah, this show’s that hard work, or any work at all, pays off!

So what does that prove? You can get by in life with minimal effort, as long as you don’t expect an award for it.

Show me all of your ugly Christmas sweaters!


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