COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

Oh Covergirl, what do we have here…

When I heard that Covergirl had a new full coverage foundation I had flashbacks of their Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. I used bottle after bottle of that foundation until I slowly moved on to the next new thing.

My wallet needs a break and at a price tag of CAD $13.99, I’m hoping that Covergirl’s new Vitalist Elixir Foundation will be the next new thing.

You can purchase this at Ulta, Target and Walmart making it accessible and affordable!

Covergirl’s website says:

Finally a hydrating, vitamin-infused formula for beautiful, buildable coverage that glides on smoothly for a flawless look. A special antioxidant and vitamin complex plus SPF 20 work together to make your skin look healthy all day. Give your skin a luminous glow. Available in multiple shades from light to deep.

What this tells me is that it is a medium to full coverage, natural finish foundation. It’s moisturizing yet matte, leaving you with a shine-free canvas. I wouldn’t say that this gives you a luminous glow but it allows your skin to look like SKIN.

Right off the bat

I noticed that the colour selection was a little disappointing. Drugstore foundations are always difficult to colour match and this one was no different. Words like buff, creamy and natural give me no indication as to what undertone might be hiding in them. I eyeballed one that looked close enough and grabbed it. Did I mention that I’m impatient?

First Impressions

This definitely gives you a flawless, natural base. I was happy that I only had to use half a pump to cover my face and I could still see my freckles and moles peeking through. It gave me a nice shine free finish, leaving me looking healthy and far from flat.

It blended easily and didn’t grab onto any texture, making it easy and fast to apply. I used a beauty blender and had it on my face and set within 10 minutes!

The smell is… STRONG. It smells floral, very much like one of your grandmas perfumes. It didn’t dissipate throughout the day, I felt like I could smell it up until I washed it off. This is not good for me. I have sensitive acne prone skin and any type of irritation sets it off.

Let’s check in shall we?

*breathe in* Let’s say it together on 3.

1…2…3… Oxidization.

I’m orange. Even worse, I wore it again to work the next day and only dabbed it onto discolouration, leaving me with a almost sickly, blotchy appearance. Definitely not pretty.

That being said, I’m sure that there is a better colour match for me but I still think that Covergirl can expand their colour selection throughout the spectrum. As well as making their shades more user friendly, with an indication of what might be hiding in the bottle before you take it home with you.

Overall, not bad! My blush is still on, I’m not an oily mess like I usually am and my makeup doesn’t look like it’s weighing me down! I was wearing a turtle neck and you can see that my chin is looking red from rubbing against the knit. My acne is shining through more than usual but I’m not mad at it because my skin looks healthy and even a little plump. I think with some extra love, care, application, primer and touch ups, this foundation will do you good.

Have you tried it out? What’s your favourite drugstore foundation? Let me know!


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