OOTD – Winter Knit & Summer Dresses

OOTD – Winter Knit & Summer Dresses

OOTD – Winter Knit & Summer Dresses

OOTD – Winter Knit & Summer Dresses

The chronicles of a weather confused girl.

It’s raining in Vancouver for the next two days making it go from muggy and hot to wet and chilly overnight. I’m stuck in a weird phase where I never know what to wear. I feel like I haven’t gotten nearly enough use of my summer dresses this year so I’ll be wearing them through fall until I physically can’t anymore.

If you saw my last OOTD post, you’ll know that I love all things fall, must most importantly – fall/winter fashion. I’d much rather be cozy on a cold day than sweating through my clothes on a typical Vancouver summer day.

I pulled out all my knit clothing as soon as I saw one cloud in the sky. I find layering winter pieces over summer dresses, skirts and even shorts super handy.

You might think I look weather confused but I feel like it’s the best of both worlds (WILL THE KIDS UNDERSTAND MY HANNAH MONTANA REFERENCE?)

My favourite dresses, and really the only dresses I ever buy, are loose fitting and comfortable. Not only is this great for the summer months as you get a nice breeze and don’t feel trapped in a layer of heat. It’s super handy for fall/winter since you can go ahead and layer up as much as you need underneath.

The only downside to fall is the heaps of rain we get here. This means that open toe shoes, sandals and suede are out of the question. I have to lock them away soon in fear of what might happen if I get caught in a downpour.

Dress – Target | Shoes – Aldo | Cardigan – Urban Outfitters (similar)

What have you guys been loving to wear in anticipation for fall? Let me know!


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