Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap

Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap

Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap

The Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap may or may not be the most beautiful thing you’ve seen today!

If you’re like me, you saw the Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap all over your timelines. The first time I saw this, it was a slow motion video of the product being dispensed. It felt oddly satisfying. I was hypnotized and I have to admit, I didn’t even care what the product did or what was in it, I just NEEDED to get my hands on it.

After watching heaps of videos, I found out that the product is actually advertised for maturing, dry skin. I on the other hand have oily, acne prone skin. This did not stop me.

After searching and searching for this item and then almost completely forgetting about it, I went to Japan.

I was in a little supermarket in Miyazaki when I spotted this on a shelf. I squealed and immediately grabbed two bottles.

Here’s where the sad part of the story comes in. If you’ve ever been to Japan, especially to the smaller cities, you know that most places only accept cash. I was on a tour that day and had already spent all my money, this was our last stop. I got to the counter and stupidly pulled out my visa. When the cashier pointed at a sign that said ‘CASH’ my heart broke.

I went back to the shelf and sadly put my bottles back. My boyfriend saw this, and he went back and bought me a bottle with the change he had compiled at the bottom of his bag.

This will set you back about JPY 1200 which is CAD 16.50 and about USD 14

I got to tell you, I actually cried. Ugly, ugly tears. This is basically why I love this face wash so much, the struggle, the emotion and everything in between.

I got back to the hotel after a long, hot day. My makeup was 100% past it’s expiry date, and by that I mean; I was wearing it for ten plus hours and could feel it melting off of my face.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing better than taking off your make up at the end of a long day.

This face wash makes it so effortless. I go in ONCE with it, it takes off every little bit, even when I use a toner after, I don’t see a trace of make up.

It smells beautiful and leaves your skin squeaky clean without feeling stripped and destroyed.

I’ve been using it for 7 months, on and off, and my love for it has not dwindled. I can honestly say that the claims are true. It definitely moisturizes your skin with every wash. I feel my skin is more plump and supple the more I use it.

Although it is hard to find, there are a few places you can get it online.

My word of advice – If you are going to Japan, make this your top priority. Who really cares about all the beautiful sites and amazing experiences? GET YOURSELF TO A SUPERMARKET OR DEPARTMENT STORE AND GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS.

If you know someone or have a friend of a friend of a friend who is traveling to Japan – BEG THEM, CRY IF YOU HAVE TO. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ENSURE THEY BRING THIS BACK FOR YOU.

Let me know if you’ve tried it, what your thoughts are and if you are as crazy as I am about it.


Lela | Vancouver, BC | 23 | Beauty enthusiast on a budget.

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